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For Fred McCrary, it's All About Giving Back

All athletes have mentors on the field, but for Fred McCrary, he also has one off the field. Nat Moore, former Miami Dolphin created his foundation to help underprivileged youths in Florida, even winning the 1984 NFL Man of the Year for his charity work. That inspired McCrary to start his own foundation as well.

“This is my seventh year coming down, for the Nat Moore Foundation, he does an unbelievable job. He is really one of the guys that inspired me to give back. He is like a big brother to me. We even have the same birthday- how cool is that? Just the way he goes about his business of reaching kids, reaching the inner city kids is very important to him. He is raised over millions and millions of dollars. That has inspired me to do the same thing this guy is doing. He is really a class act guy,” he told Jared Ginsberg and Victor Green of Class Act Sports in March when he was in Florida for the event.

McCrary, a fullback, played 13 seasons in the NFL with six teams  from 1995-2007. His “44 Ways” Foundation runs different charity events and donates all the money to families in need in Florida.

“I am very very excited. This is the seventh year. [Victor Green] won last year.You came down, I whipped your butt. But it was all for a good cause. I really appreciate you guys coming down. Class Act Sports is blowing up, folks. Stay tuned. These guys are getting big, trust me,” McCrary said.

In addition to his charitable efforts, McCrary also talked to Class Act Sports about the current state of the NFL. There were some things he liked, and some things he didn’t like.

“I like the way it is going somewhat. I know they are trying to protect the game, but it’s almost like they are trying to protect it too much.A lot of those guys on the competition committee never played the game. I know what it’s all about, images and the way you portray yourself. It’s up to them but to me, I think it is a little watered down, but what are you going to do?,” he said.

The biggest issue McCrary brought up was that of concussions. It has become a hot topic in the NFL over the past few years because of it’s future effects on players.

“People have no idea. All they ever see is the finished product on Sunday. They have no idea what we go through during the week. I am standing out here right now, but yesterday I couldn’t even turn the back of my neck, not from the way I slept but its from all the years of hits and all the concussions I’ve had. I think it’s catching up with me. That’s why I work out. it scares me, to be honest with you. A lot of people don’t know this but you know we had over 120 players die last year?,” McCrary told Class Act Sports.

But he still managed to enjoy his time on the links.

“You see my neck is still stiff, but guess what? I’m going to go out there and hit that golf ball instead!” he said.

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