Frankie Edgar Thought He Won UFC 144 Fight vs. Henderson


If you asked Frankie Edgar following his fight with Benson Henderson in the main event of UFC 144: Edgar vs. Henderson Saturday night, the defending UFC lightweight champion would have told you he won the five-round war. However, the judges scoring the bout ruled it a decision for Henderson, ending Edgar's reign atop the 155 pound list.

"I don't want to take anything away from Ben. He did a great job, but I do feel I won that fight," Edgar said. "He came hard. I knew it was going to be a tough fight."

Edgar's face told a different story, as the fighter had a swelling eye and a bloody nose. "Smooth" was quick with his strikes, including a big kick from the ground that landed straight to the face of Edgar, likely smashing his nose.

"The Answer" also seemed annoyed that he may not receive the next shot at the title, as UFC president Dana White remarked during the post-fight press conference that Anthony Pettis would likely face Henderson next. Edgar had to rematch BJ Penn after taking the crown from him, and fought Gray Maynard a third time following a draw between the two.

"I'm not trying to shoot anybody out of anything they deserve, but I had to do two immediate rematches, so what's right?" Edgar asked.

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