Frankie Edgar Still Thinks He Beat Benson Henderson the First Time Around

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Even though the judges declared Benson Henderson as the new lightweight champion at UFC 144, don't expect the fighter he beat to agree with the decision.

Frankie Edgar (14-2-1) believes he won the fight and is set to prove this in their upcoming rematch.

"I did think I won the fight," said Edgar. "I felt like I land good punches. I felt I got the takedowns. I fought how I always fight. The fight was close and controversial. I gave two immediate rematches back-to-back. It's my turn to get one.

Edgar is no stranger to rematches, so he knows what he has to modify to secure the win.

"In the rematches I needed to make good adjustments between the first and second fight," said Edgar. "I have to make adjustments, he has to make adjustments. Then we also have to think what adjustments is he going to make and what adjustments am I going to make. It's definitely like a chess match in rematches."

Going into the original fight, Edgar knew the challenger was not going to be an easy task and doesn't expect that to change in the rematch.

"I knew Ben was going to be tough and it wasn't going to be an easy fighting," said Edgar. "I expect the same this time. I just have to be a little better. I'm going to beat Ben Henderson and have my hand raised on August 11. The belt belongs to me, Frankie Edgar. Ben Henderson will not defend the belt. I'm taking it home."

The rematch between Henderson vs. Edgar headlines UFC 150.

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