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Frankie Edgar Responds to Jose Aldo, Dan Henderson Takes a Shot at Jon Jones and More UFC News

Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo are two of the most exciting fighters in MMA today. The latter has been the world’s best featherweight for at least four years now. The former never ceased to amaze during his run as the lightweight champion. And because both are such ridiculous fan favorites, when Edgar ultimately lost -- and failed to regain -- his belt, him moving down to fight Aldo seemed like the smartest move available.

Initially the pair was supposed to fight at UFC 153, however, Aldo getting hurt pushed the bout to UFC 156. In preparation for Feb. 2’s card, Aldo recently released his first video blog. He didn’t say anything out of the ordinary, but apparently Edgar took exception anyway.

"I'm hearing he's doing some video blogs saying I'm not going to be making it out of the first or second round," Edgar said recently. "Homeboy’s got something coming as I'm feeling good and ready to go."

Just from a pure match-up standpoint, this fight promises to be amazing. A lot of Edgar’s success at lightweight was the direct byproduct of a.) his speed and b.) his ability to take guys down with that speed. Conversely, Aldo’s whole style is built around him being difficult to take down and his ability to compete with quick fighters. This is going to be a fascinating battle.


Before Chael Sonnen talked his way into fighting Jon Jones, Dan Henderson was seen by everyone as the guy who would get a shot at the light heavyweight champ. Obviously that didn’t work out. Henderson will fight Lyoto Machida at UFC 157 for the right to take on the lightweight champ at some point (Alexander Gustafsson is supposedly next in line for a title shot); Jones will fight Sonnen at the TUF 17 Finale. Despite not having a fight on the agenda, clearly Henderson and Jones are still very aware of one another.

Wishin everyone a Happy New year!! Be safe!No drinking and driving and hitting telephone poles

— Dan Henderson (@danhendo) January 1, 2013

lol the old guy got jokes.. that a boy... on to the next one

— Jon Bones Jones (@JonnyBones) January 1, 2013

Henderson was referring to Jones’ May 2012 DUI arrest  which featured him driving his Bentley into a pole. On one hand, it was a funny shot. On the other hand, you can’t help but feel like this was just a lame attempt by Hendo to pull a Chael Sonnen and talk his way into a fight against the champ. (Although, unlike Sonnen, he actually deserves it.)


Nick Diaz is coming off a loss and a suspension, so naturally Dana White decided to give him a title shot as a reward. During a recent interview, UFC President Dana White was asked about Diaz’s response to getting the fight against GSP that he has been clamoring for since UFC 137.  

"This is a fight that [Diaz] wanted, he really wanted this fight bad," said Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White (via "And Georges St. Pierre called him out. He's getting it. I expect Diaz to be there. Nick Diaz does not return my calls or texts. Nothing. It's Nick Diaz. He doesn't have to call me, he doesn't have to text me; but, he needs to show up to the press conference."

Of course he doesn’t return his boss’ calls. That’s the trifecta right there. Diaz is coming off a loss, is fresh off a suspension, and is insubordinate. That’s what it takes to get a crack at the belt, apparently. Maybe if Johny Hendricks spent a little more time talking smack and a little less time knocking dudes out, he’d be the one headlining UFC 158. Look, Diaz is entertaining. Really entertaining. And folks with siblings that they are protective over can really relate to his relationship with Nate. But this coddling of him is getting a bit ridiculous.

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