Frankie Edgar is Ready to Make a Statement at UFC 150


The early trip to Colorado has Frankie Edgar (14-2-1) feeling better about his chances to regain his lightweight championship.

"Every day I feel better and better," said Edgar. "I think coming out here early was definitely the right move, so to make sure I get everything I can get. Everyone talks about the elevation and how it could affect you, so it was something I wanted to make sure I had in order before the second start of my camp."

Benson Henderson (16-2) vs. Edgar will fight in a rematch for the lightweight championship at UFC 150.

Edgar admits that his face's appearance during a fight looks worse than it is, particularly his nose, but he is healthy and ready to go.

"I'm not going to say to my nose isn't going to break again," said Edgar. "It definitely healed and when I started at my camp, I was able to spar hard right away. It held up throughout this entire camp."

When the rematch is over, Edgar thinks both fighters will be a better-quality fighter.

"I know I improved and I'm expecting he improved," said Edgar. "We've both been in there with each other for 25 minutes and see what the other brings to the table. It could end up the same, but I think we're both going to end up better."

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