Frankie Edgar is Looking to Make a Statement at UFC 150


As Frankie Edgar (14-2-1) prepares for his third rematch in row, this time he walks in as the challenger.

Edgar lost his UFC Lightweight Championship to Benson Henderson (16-2) at UFC 144 via unanimous decision. In round two, Henderson caught Edgar with an upkick to the face.

"I think I did an okay job with his size," said Edgar. "The upkick kind of just happened. It's not something you see too often. When they land, they're pretty devastating and it definitely rung my bell."

While Edgar felt his performance was adequate, he knows that he can do better in some areas.

"I think I fought pretty well," said Edgar. "I think there are some things I can capitalize on. I think some of the takedowns and kicks I caught I need to capitalize on a little bit better."

The rematch is set for August 11 at UFC 150.

"Every fight I fight to win," said Edgar. "As you move on, every fight becomes bigger in your mind. I'm a little more motivated since I didn't get to win last time. I get a chance of redemption here."

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