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Frankie Edgar is Looking to Make a Statement Against Jose Aldo

The former UFC Lightweight Champion joined MMA Fight Corner on Friday night to discuss his next challenge, facing off against UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo at UFC 156 on Super Bowl weekend.

"I'm going to do it all. I don't like to go in there saying I'm going to do one thing. I'm a mixed martial artist and I feel I'm well rounded enough to take the fight wherever it needs to be. I think I can stand with pretty much anybody, I think I can wrestle with anybody and I feel I can compete on the floor with jiu jitsu with anybody. He's definitely a tall task in an opponent, but I just think fighting guys at the caliber fights I've had throughout the years has only got me better and I think Jose will do that as well."

In his rematch against Henderson, Frankie took a lot of low leg kicks from Henderson that seemed to get him off his game momentarily. Aldo, of course, has been known to batter his opponents with the same style leg kick. But Frankie is well aware of Aldo's tactics and is preparing the best he can for them.

"When Benson came out he kind of was throwing a low leg kick, which did throw me off a little bit. But I felt I made the adjustment within that first round, and I feel that rounds two through five he didn't really catch me with it at all the rest of the fight. I'm sure that's something Jose is going to pay attention to, being that he's such a devastating leg kicker, but I've been working my Muay Thai and working some things. Like I've been saying, this challenge is going to make me step up and address it."

Being that Aldo has had such a dominant reign at featherweight in both the WEC and the UFC, Edgar said that a man like Aldo, doesn't have many flaws in his game.

"It's tough to really put any chinks in any of these guys armor that are at this high level now. I just think I'm going to have to push him and test his metal. I think that's what I do well, I push the pace and that's what I'm going to have to do in this fight for sure."

The UFC has confirmed that the featherweight title fight, Aldo vs Edgar, will be the main event at UFC 156 taking place in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay on February 2nd.

Additionally, Frankie Edgar is involved with MTV's "Restore the Shore" Hurricane Sandy relief effort to be aired live from Times Square in New York City next Thursday. The Tom's River, New Jersey native is doing his part to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy which struck the East Coast. In effort to help raise funds for the afflicted areas during the natural disaster, Frankie will join the some of the Jersey Shore cast in the telethon on November 14th to help raise money and the rebuilding process.

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