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Frankie Edgar is Focused on Defeating Benson Henderson at UFC 150

Frankie Edgar isn't fooling himself. The former UFC lightweight champion knows that an eventual move to featherweight is in his future. First, however, Edgar plans on taking back the belt he once wore when he meets Benson Henderson in the main event of UFC 150 in August.

Henderson earned the title earlier this year via decision over Edgar, prompting the need for an immediate rematch. The two were on hand for a kickoff press conference in Denver on Tuesday.

"Obviously, I'm not thinking about that (moving to 145 pounds) right now," Edgar said. "All I'm thinking about is Ben and August 11 right now."

UFC president Dana White tried to push Edgar to move to featherweight, offering him a fight with UFC champion Jose Aldo right off the bat. "The Answer," instead, kept pushing for a rematch with Henderson, which he eventually earned.

"I was pumped to get the rematch," Edgar said. "The first fight was close enough, and exciting enough (to warrant a second fight). I believe we are going to put on another exciting fight. I'm going to train hard for these next two months for this fight."

Edgar was forced to give BJ Penn a rematch after claiming the title from him, winning the second fight, as well. He also had a rematch ordered with Gray Maynard after the two fought to a draw. Edgar won that fight, also.

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