Frankie Edgar Doesn't Really Seem to Care About All the Weight Talk

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For every person that calls for Frankie Edgar to drop to featherweight, there is another discussing the undeniable benefits he reaps for not cutting weight to compete at lightweight.

To Frankie Edgar, it's all the same.

Speaking at the UFC 150 kickoff press conference, the former lightweight champ explained that it doesn't matter what weight class he fights at, he's going to bring the same grit and determination to win that he always does. Whether he's any bigger or smaller than his opponents makes no difference.

"A lot of people seem to think that just 'cause I don't cut weight that I rebound better from punches or whatever, damage in fights. I cut weight in college and I was kinda the same aggressive guy," said Edgar. "So, I think that's just who I am, you know? I think no matter what weight class I'm at I'm gonna be able to get in there and scrap hard."

Edgar's next bout will come against Benson Henderson, who controversially took the title from Edgar at UFC 144 last February. The two will rematch in the main event of UFC 150, which is scheduled to take place at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

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