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Frank Shamrock Says Strikeforce is Done

While Strikeforce has announced they will remain in operation and have a major show planned for the start of the new year, Frank Shamrock (23-10-2) thinks their days are numbered.

"Strikeforce is coming to an end," said Shamrock on Inside MMA. "They've been consumed by a much larger company. They've got a brand and a direction that doesn't seem like it includes the Strikeforce brand."

Scott Coker cancelled the last two shows, one set for September and the other in November, after injuries occurred in both main events. Strikeforce was purchased in early 2011 by the UFC's parent company Zuffa.

Shamrock said he was quite familiar with how Strikeforce operated as he was there in the early days and helped them develop what they have become.

"I put everything into that company," said Shamrock. "I mean, literally every day of my life, I woke up, and I breathed Strikeforce. It was the first chance I saw, besides the monopoly of the UFC, to give MMA a shot -- to give martial artists, who don't know what MMA is about, a nice picture of it."

Over the years, Shamrock competed at four Strikeforce shows where he was 2-2 and won their middleweight championship along the way. He debuted for Strikeforce on their first show in 2006, winning in the main event. The fight also marked Shamrock's first fight in three years.

Shamrock would end his career for the company, retiring in 2010.

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