Frank Shamrock is Not a Fan of the UFC Hall of Fame


The contentious history between Frank Shamrock and UFC president Dana White is well documented. So Google it if you need to catch up.

The now-retired Shamrock became the first-ever champion of the UFC's light heavyweight division (which, at the time, was called the middleweight) and fought for the promotion from 1997 until 1999, when he left the organization after defending the belt four times. Despite his accomplishments though, Shamrock is not listed in the UFC Hall of Fame, even though his brother, Ken Shamrock, who also has a very contentious relationship with the UFC, has been included.

Speaking during a recent appearance on Rebellion Radio, Shamrock explained what he thinks of the UFC Hall of Fame.

"First off, I don't think the Hall of Fame has any credibility unless I'm in it," Shamrock asserted. "I was the first champion ever and set two world records. I've been pioneering for this sport since before there was weight classes and gloves. so, it kinda looks to me like the whole Hall of Fame is kind of a flim-flam and it's up to Dana's own jock as to who goes in. And unfortunately, that doesn't define a real sport. A real sport is completely different."

For most other sports, the hall of fame is something overseen by an independent body/committee and not by someone in a position similar to Dana White's. As of now though, UFC Hall of Fame (MMA's only) entries must pass by the sport's biggest promoter before getting their due.

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