Frank Shamrock Doesn't Like Dana White, Likes Jon Jones

Frank Shamrock and UFC president Dana White will likely never sit down and share a nice meal. Shamrock, a former UFC champion and pioneer in the sport, was recently asked his thoughts on the Jon Jones-UFC 151 fiasco that went down last month.

"I personally don't like Dana, so I like that (Jones) stood up to him," said Shamrock, in an interview with BJPenn.com. "Dana is just a big bully and a blow hard. It's sad to see someone of Jones' stature brought down by the president of the company. He was basically laid out and destroyed because he didn't take one for the team. I don't know if Jones made the right decision or not, but I liked the decision."

Shamrock currently works as an analyst on Strikeforce programs for Showtime. He added that the entire UFC brand is "ridiculous."

"He's destroying Jones' brand in the process. It's not Jon's responsibility to save the card," Shamrock said. "Dana White has $100 million, why didn't he pay the fans back or the fighters' salaries? Jones made a decision that was right for his family; it has nothing to do with the billion dollars the Fertittas are sitting on. It's ridiculous in my opinion, the whole sport is ridiculous."

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