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Frank Mir’s Sudden Explosion Ends Cro Cop’s Challenge in UFC 119

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UFC fans looking forward to an action-packed fight between champion Frank Mir and Mirko Cro Cop were disappointed on Sept. 25 as the heavyweight bout was a pretty dull affair for the first 14 minutes. However, after a few explosive seconds, the fight was over and Mir’s hand was raised in victory at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Mir had just landed a right knee to the head of Cro Cop and then pounded him with a few punches for good measure while his opponent was flat on his back. The end of the UFC 119 bout came at the 4:02 mark of the third round.

Mir, who had a noticeable size advantage, stalked Cro Cop from the opening and tried to take him down after about a minute, but Cro Cop managed to stay on his feet as he got pinned up against the fence. Cro Cop caught Mir with a low knee, which brought the action to a brief halt. Each fighter then missed their strikes from close range. About halfway through the round Cro Cop started to find the target with some straight left hands and Mir then bulled him into the fence.

They broke apart and locked up again seconds later on the other side of the octagon. Herb Dean, the referee, then signalled for a re-start with 39 seconds to go in the round and Mir managed to land a pretty good short right hand to the head of the challenger just before the bell rang.

The pace of the second round was also pretty slow, but Mir drilled Cro cop with a couple of decent shots and then smothered him on the fence. Cro Cop wasn’t able to get anything going and the fight was basically a standoff at that point with the crowd getting pretty antsy. Dean was also getting bored with the lack of action and signalled another re-start with about a minute to go in the round. Cro Cop finally attempted one of his famous left kicks to Mir’s head near the end of the round, but it was way off the mark.

Cro Cop tried to press the action at the start of the third round, but couldn’t get anything effective going as Mir’s movement kept him out of reach. After a couple of minutes he finally landed a solid shot to the side if Mir’s head, but it didn’t have any effect on the champ.

The two got tangled at the fence again, prompting another re-start with just under two minutes to go in the round. Cro Cop then pressed the action again and threw a left hand, but left himself open while reaching in and was nailed with a right knee to the head and flattened by it. Mir followed up with a barrage of punches and Dean called the fight off.

Mir raised his record to 14-5 with the win and Cro Cop dropped to 27-8-2 with 1 no contest.

The ending of the fight was pretty dramatic and the third round wasn’t too bad, but overall, it wasn’t the best advertisement for mixed martial arts and the UFC in particular.

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