Frank Mir vs. Daniel Cormier: Tim Sylvia Doesn't Appear to be a Fan


Tim Sylvia, a former UFC heavyweight champion, took to The Underground recently to express his disappointment in being passed over by Frank Mir for a fight with Daniel Cormier. Mir and Cormier will meet later this year in Strikeforce, but Sylvia appeared to be a strong candidate for the match before Mir took it.

"Sorry to all my fans hoping to see me back in the big show," Sylvia wrote. "We were talking to the UFC about the (Cormier) fight in (Strikeforce) and agreed to it. But for some reason they picked (Mir) instead. It is what it is at least I was considered so maybe in the near future I will be back thanks for all your support."

Sylvia has put together a 31-7 career record, and has been pushing for a return to the UFC. However, UFC president Dana White continues to say Sylvia is not coming back, despite winning his last three fights.

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