Frank Mir vs. Daniel Cormier: "This is a One-Time Situation"

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Daniel Cormier is signed to one more fight in Strikeforce. Well, the UFC has already gobbled up the majority of Strikeforce heavyweights, so, a different situation was created.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir will head to Strikeforce and meet Cormier later this year. The bout does not have an official date, but do not expect to see more UFC-to-Strikeforce fights made.

"You're not going to see more of it," said UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta, in a recent interview with ESPN. "This is a one-time situation. It was a situation where Cormier had to fight one more time for Showtime. We wanted to put on a very relevant fight that is credible."

So, Showtime and Strikeforce will receive a bout that likely could have served as a main event - or at least co-main event - for a pay-per-view by the UFC.

Fertitta did add that Cormier is headed to the UFC after the fight, and that Mir could position himself nicely with a win over the former Olympian.

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