Frank Gore on Verge of San Francisco 49ers History

San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore is on the precipice of doing something kind of cool this weekend.

In a season filled with more positivity and joy than any other in recent memory, the newly legitimized 49ers are about to accomplish yet another feat. Their star running back, Gore, is 110 yards short of overtaking Roger Craig and officially become the squad’s second all-time leading rusher behind Joe Parry.

Regardless of whether Gore can actually get those 110 yards against the Cleveland Browns this weekend or not, it’s safe to say that the mark will be broken sooner rather than later. Currently, San Francisco’s most potent offensive weapon is standing firm at 6,955 total yards – a mark not too far behind Parry’s franchise record-holding 7,344 yards.

And in case you’re wondering, Craig couldn’t be happier to see Gore surpass his own personal milestone.

"I'm so happy for him. He deserves to be the king," Craig told reporters on Wednesday. "He worked his butt off ever since he got here. He's played hurt. I couldn't be happier for him. I love him.

"The guy is an amazing running back. He can run over you. He can run around you. He can be a slicer. He can juke you. He's the whole combination. And he's been doing this for a long time."

It wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine for Gore, though. Getting up to this point has been a struggle filled with necessary adjustments, injury problems and a myriad of other issues that are unfortunately commonplace over the course of a given NFL career. The struggle has made him who he is, and been a big part of why new head coach Jim Harbaugh has dubbed him as such an important piece of the team’s puzzle.

"Frank's been great since he got here (in) training camp," Harbaugh said recently. "The unit continues to grow and improve, and that rising tide lifts all ships."

Craig has obviously accepted that his record will be broken and taken it all in good spirits. But, that being said, does he care whether or not the event occurs this Sunday or on another?

As it turns out, he does.

"I hope he gets there [Sunday]," Craig said. "Because if he gets 110 yards, that means we're winning. When Frank gets over 100, we win. And I'd love to be there to see him do it in person."


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