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Frank Caliendo's John Gruden Impression Is Hilarious

Alright, so John Gruden isn’t the hardest guy in the world to make fun of. The charismatic former football coach has been lampooned by NFL fans for years because of his infamous Chucky face and overuse of the phrase “this guy” when swooning over his favorite players.

Leave it to notorious impersonator Frank Caliendo to take the Gruden mockery to a whole new level.

Caliendo just finished up a spoof with ESPN in which he fills in for Gruden on the Monday Night Football commentator’s quirky “Gruden’s QB Camp” special. The guest quarterback on this episode is none other than Gruden himself.

The video is hilarious, and includes an epic Gruden-on-Gruden stare down to get things started. Click here to check it out. In the meantime, here is a preview:

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