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NFL: John Fox Joins Elway, Broncos

This is interesting and we think this could be a great move for everyone involved. John Elway announced on Twitter that former Carolina Panthers head coach John Fox will become the new coach of the Denver Broncos.

“Coach Fox is a great fit for us not only with his coaching ability but also with his personality,” Elway said. “He is a dynamic and proven leader who will energize our entire organization. John has coached great defenses, turned teams around and been to Super Bowls.”

The Broncos could use the defensive help, that’s for sure. They are a lousy, lousy defensive team and Fox has coached some great defenses. For several years with the Giants, great offensive minds like Andy Reid were his bitch. He’s a hell of a coach, but it was just time for them to make a change in Carolina.

And for Fox, it’s another chance at a head coaching gig. There no assurances that he would get another head coaching job at this time, and most assumed that he’d take over as someone’s defensive coordinator.

Another good thing for the Broncos is that Fox has experience. He’s not some 31-year old “hot shot” coordinator who behaves like he’s been there done that, just because he worked with Bill Belichick.


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