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Fox Sports Airs Last Year’s Daytona 500, Fans Think It’s This Year's Race

NASCAR fans are sometimes teased for their lack of intelligence, a stereotype which actually came to life this weekend.

This year's Daytona 500 race was delayed due to weather, so Fox Sports aired last year's race with a note at the bottom of the screen to make viewers aware it was a replay.

But apparently many NASCAR fans thought today's replay was this year's race, reports ESPN.

In the 2013 replay, driver Jimmie Johnson won his second Daytona 500, but Johnson actually got telephone calls today congratulating him for winning his third while he was sitting in his motor home, notes the Associated Press.

Driver Clint Bowyer also fell for the replay on Twitter, "Wait a minute! I'm confused, did @JimmieJohnson win or not?"

In response, Johnson tweeted, "I hear I won the #Daytona500? Haha! I also have friends confused and texting congratulations to me."

“Congrats @JimmieJohnson amazing,” tweeted Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR’s senior vice president of racing operations, joked on Twitter.

Sources: Associated Press, ESPN, Twitter


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