Fox News Complains: 'NBA Jam' isn’t Bipartisan

We at The Daily Heat don't get involved with politics. It's bad for business.

If it isn’t Ron Artest putting his foot down against marijuana or three NBA stars getting randomly harassed at an interview over the Bush tax cuts, we don’t cover it or take stands.

With all of that being said, Fox News isn’t making it easy to maintain our neutrality pledge with this bit of stupidity.

While appearing on Happening Now this past Thursday, President of EA Sports Peter Moore actually had to defend the political allegiances of his new game, NBA Jam.

Apparently, in the latest incarnation of the prominent arcade game, players have the option of playing as one of their favorite politicians, Barack Obama or Sarah Palin. Well, the kids over at Fox News (no doubt avid gamers) noticed Obama’s character was better at basketball than Palin’s character. Needless to say, they had a problem with that.

Anchor Jenna Lee, being the defender of political integrity that she is, asked the...

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