Four People Pretend They Ran in the Boston Marathon


Four unidentified people have posted pictures of themselves supposedly running in the Boston Marathon on Monday, however, they all have the same bib number "14285."

Kara Bonneau, the real runner, posted pictures of herself in the marathon and of her bib to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The fake runners (pictured) could have bought the fake bibs, or took them off Bonneau's picture and used photoshop.

"I was really upset because of all races, people work so hard to get into Boston," Bonneau told Runners World. "I have friends who qualified but didn't qualify by enough time so they still weren't able to register for the race because it was full."

"I feel so bad for everybody who worked really hard to get in the race and couldn't," added Bonneau. "It never occurred to me when I was posting that photo that someone could use it in that way. I definitely learned a lesson about posting on social media, but it's really frustrating of all the races, people would do it at this one, and in such a significant year."

Bonneau posted pictures of the fakers on Twitter and on her Facebook page, where she states:

These people all printed out a photo of my bib and then ran the race. This is so unfair to everyone who worked hard to qualify or raised money for charities. They should be ashamed of themselves.

A couple of companies say two of the fake runners wore their singlets, but couldn't identify their names, reports

Sources: Runners World, Facebook,


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