NBA: Breaking Down Lakers Four Game Losing Streak

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In the last couple of weeks, the Los Angeles Lakers have been a bad NBA team. So bad that there are four words that would summarize the poor results: four game losing streak.

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This is the first four-game skid since Pau Gasol was acquired and a huge question mark on a team that supposedly was going to challenge history. Nobody's talking three-peat now because the Lakers are bad-- like Clippers bad.

The losses were against pedestrian playoff contenders: Utah Jazz, Indiana Pacers, Memphis Grizzlies, and the Houston Rockets. You can argue that only the game against the Pacers was played in Staples Center, but come on, we're talking about the Lakers here.

These guys can and should win on the road with the best of them.

Why are the Lakers losing? Here are my four points:

  • Offense - In the first dozen games of the season, the Lakers were leading the league in almost all offensive categories, particularly scoring. In the four losses, the Lakers failed to reach the 100-point plateau. The team shot between 31% and 45% in that period.
  • The Killer B's - The trio of Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, and Shannon Brown was grounded in the losses. With the exception of the Houston game, no one among them scored in double figures.
  • Defense - The Lakers have allowed all their opponents good scoring opportunities, as evidenced by the good shooting percentages. All opponents have shot almost 50% from the floor. Where's the "D" guys?
  • Mental Toughness - From my observation, a lot of the games were lost in the last quarter. Are the Lakers losing their composure in the clutch?

The Lakers next face the Sacramento Kings. This should be easy, but given the poor play, I'm not getting ,y hopes that high.

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