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College Basketball Analysis: Kentucky vs. Indiana

I’d imagine that most people might have predicted a big Cats win over Indiana but did anyone think it would be so close before UK pulled away?

In a game that saw 48 fouls called between both teams, Indiana was able to show that their bench was plenty deep enough to run with the shallow Wildcats.

Good players from both teams racked up their fair share of whistles and while Kentucky initially struggled without Terrence Jones and Brandon Knight, Indiana stepped up in Maurice Creek’s absence with big performances by Christian Watford and Jordan Hulls. However, UK pulled out the strong win in the second half after going into halftime up by only one.

DeAndre Liggins and Josh Harrellson flexed their muscles and showed the type of play that has to make UK fans optimistic, despite the lackluster competition.

DeAndre showed a strong dedication to the drive and he was able to convert and get to the foul line consistently. One negative in Deandre’s performance was his abysmal 50% on 8 for 16 shooting from the line but if he keeps playing this way that percentage is going to go up.

As good as Liggins was though, my game MVP was Josh Harrellson without a doubt. As his teammates went to the bench with foul trouble, Josh stood strong. He played the game with only one personal foul. He was finishing around the basket, he was playing solid defense and he was rebounding the ball. In short, Josh was doing every single thing we need him to do if we’re going to be successful this season. More coaches are talking about Josh and adjusting their game plan for him. That gives a much needed confidence boost to the oft-overlooked big man.

This was a good win and definitely one to be excited about but the first half was troubling. Even with Brandon and Terrence on the bench, we should not have allowed Indiana to stay in that game. They’re just not that good.We made lazy passes and had ridiculously embarrassing defensive lapses. We didn’t capitalize on our obvious talent advantage.

I felt such immense pity in my heart as I watched Christian Watford try to put the team on his back toward the end of the game. He’s just not good enough to do that and he shouldn’t be asked to do it. He threw up airballs and stupid shots against double teams and I was sad. I’m sure he felt how I feel when I go to play a pickup game and realize that I’m the best player on the team. I’m not a good basketball player. I should not be relied upon to carry a team to victory, but I feel like I have to. Christian Watford felt like he had to. That’s why I’d just like to apologize to Christian for the fact that he plays for Indiana.


I’m sorry. Indiana used to be so good. It used to be a point of pride to play basketball for the Hoosiers. I’m sorry that those days are past. You’re a good player. You’d fill a fantastic role at UK, but you shouldn’t be the star. You shouldn’t have to be relied upon to pull out a huge road win against a former rival, but unfortunately you are. Keep your head up. Keep it up when you dribble into a double team, too. Stop throwing up those terrible shots. It makes me feel bad. Stop making me feel bad. Call me. I’ll fax the transfer forms.

Only love,



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