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Foul Play Suspected in Death of Golfer Erica Blasberg?

New details are breaking in the ongoing investigation golfer Erica Blasberg’s suspicious death.

According to TMZ reports, New Jersey police executed a search warrant and raided the home and office of Las Vegas physician Thomas Hess on May 13. Hess was allegedly “connected” to Blasberg by the fact that the two played golf together a mere two days prior to her death.

Police involved in the investigation were reportedly looking for “small blue oval pills in a 30-package blister pack” and “white, medium-sized trash bags with no draw strings.” According to TMZ, bags that fit that description were found near Blasberg’s body, and police suspected that they would find such bags in Hess’ office.

The pills that the police were looking were reportedly Xanax, a prescription anti-axiety medication.

Blasberg’s father, Mel, told TMZ that his daughter took anti-anxiety medication for many years prior to her death.

It is unclear whether Hess’ was Blasberg’s personal physician or what the extent of their relationship was, but it has been verified that he has no criminal record.

Henderson police spokesman Keith Paul refused to confirm or deny the TMZ report to the media. Instead, he said he would not comment on the situation and the matter is still being characterized as a “death investigation.”

LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg was found dead in her Las Vegas home three weeks ago.

Blasberg had only played in only one LPGA Tour event in 2010. One month ago, she finished tied for 44th place in a small tournament held in Mexico.

A promising star in college, Blasberg won six times in two years at the University of Arizona. She also played on the Curtis Cup team in 2004, shortly before turning professional.


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