Forrest Griffin is Very Prepared for His Fight vs. Tito Ortiz

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin has been around the block a few times, so preparing for a big match with Tito Ortiz is nothing new. In fact, Griffin has done this twice before, splitting his two meetings with the fellow ex-UFC champion.

After hitting his mark during the weigh-ins Friday night, Griffin described what he plans to do over the next 24 hours before facing Ortiz for a final time. The co-main event of UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II will be the retirement fight for Ortiz.

"The work is done," Griffin said. "I got a game plan, I've watched tape; now, I'll watch some television."

Griffin, in his mild-manner tone, did add, "You always feel anxious (before a fight). It's like before you fly; you are uneasy, it's a weird thing."

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