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Forrest Griffin Suspended for Failed Drug Test

Forrest Griffin was fined and suspended 30 days for a positive test for Xanax by the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission. confirmed with the PAC that Griffin was suspended 30 days after his loss to Anderson Silva in 2009.

"On August 8 of 2009 he got a suspension, he had to take a re-test, he got a fine, everything was satisfied and it states specifically in the database 'must contact PA commission before next bout,'" PAC Executive Director Greg Sirb stated.

Griffin appeared on The MMA Hour recently and mentioned the failed drug test and why he took Xanax. He was hoping that by taking the drug he could loosen up his nerves and sleep prior to facing Silva.

Sirb added that Griffin, who had the suspension lifted two months prior to his '09 bout with Tito Ortiz, followed through and passed all the requirements asked by the commission.

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