Forrest Griffin Really Didn't Want to Lose to Tito Ortiz

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin scored a second victory over Tito Ortiz Saturday night at UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen II. The pair had split their previous encounters, and like those fights, this one went to a decision.

"It you watch it, it just feels like one long fight with the same feel to it. Forty-five minutes over five years - it just feels like the same fight pretty much," Griffin said. "Tito comes out strong, takes me down, beats me up a little bit. I come back on him. He gasses a little bit. I take advantage. I pressed the gas button, but nothing happened."

The bout was the final one in the career of Ortiz, as the ex-UFC light heavyweight king was inducted into the hall of fame over the weekend.

Ortiz had claimed the first meeting between the two, while Griffin rebounded to win the most recent fight up until Saturday night. For Griffin, this was all about staying the course.

"You don't want to lose to that guy. You're fighting a guy who is retiring; it makes it hard to move forward if you lose," Griffin said. "He did exactly what he does and I do exactly what I do."

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