Former Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Mark Duper Arrested For Beating 17-Year-Old Son


Retired Miami Dolphins star Mark Duper was jailed after allegedly punching, body-slamming and choking his 17-year-old son Marcus, rendering him unconscious.

According to the arrest reports, Marcus was playing video games at a home in Jacksonville, Fla. He got in an argument with his father, which led Duper to punch Marcus in the face because he “wouldn’t listen about picking up his hat.” After that, Duper picked the teen up several times and body-slammed him. Marcus was briefly knocked out.

At some point during the altercation, Marcus went outside and dented Duper’s care after he chucked his bike into it. This only made Duper even angrier, and the former Pro Bowl wide receiver punched the boy in the face.

“Once [the victim] went to the ground on his stomach, Mark climbed on top of [him], grabbed [him] by the neck and began choking,” the police report stated.

After being arrested by a sheriff’s deputy, Duper admitted to being involved in a physical altercation with the boy but claimed he acted in self-defense. Former Dolphins teammate Hugh Green was present at the time and backed up Duper’s account to cops.

“This is a family matter,” Duper told The Miami Herald. “This is not an open book. I have to deal with this within my family." Florida Department of Law Enforcement records indicate Duper has been arrested twice on domestic battery charges since 2003.

Duper played 11 seasons with the Dolphins. He caught 511 passes for 8,869 yards and 59 touchdowns in his NFL career, good enough to earn him a spot in the Miami Dolphins Honor Roll.

Source: The Miami HeraldCBS Sports


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