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Former Penn State Defensive Lineman Jared Odrick Has an Interesting New Gig

Want to get a glimpse in to the life of former Penn State defensive lineman Jared Odrick?

Odrick took some time to show CBS how he's living in style when he is not at work with the Miami Dolphins. Odrick talks about his off-season traveling, including a trip to the Bahamas, Sundance Film Festival and the X Games, as well as his movie collection and Netflix habits and shows off his big screen (it's pretty big) and his super charged Range Rover.

How does Odrick explain his style? Unique. Let's take a look at the potential design mogul in the making in a segment CBS calls Player Style Files (click link to view).

[Editor's note: The video code from the source website was not working on our site, so you will have to click the link to view the original source of the video.]

HT:CBS Miami

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