MMA: Herschel Walker Continues to Dominate

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Strikeforce Heavyweight Fight
Herschel Walker (2-0) TKO 1 Scott Carson (4-2)
Time of Stoppage: 3:13 RD 1

There typically two reactions one can have when kicked in the head by a professional MMA fighter.  One is that you go to sleep while the other option is you lose your ability to eat solid food.  That is unless you are Herschel Walker in which case you simply get mad.

Against the serviceable Carson, Walker ate a high kick to the face minutes into the fight.  While this surely would have been the end of my night, all it did was enrage the former gridiron superstar. 

"I took a kick when I think I was getting a little too excited," Walker said in his post-fight interview. "When you're in an MMA fight, you shouldn't take a kick like that."

Be that as it may, for Walker, taking such a shot seemed to open him up offensively.  There is no doubt that the training he gets at American Kickboxing Academy is top of the line and Saturday night it showed.  After the infamous kick, Walker simply battered and bruised the out gunned Carson.  A straight right hand spelled the end for Carson as the referee mercifully stopped the fight.

At nearly 50 years of age, it’s hard to say what Walker’s future in the sport holds.  He claims to want to continue fighting but is noncommittal on any upcoming prospects.  But, one thing can be said, Walker is a great ambassador for MMA.  He’s stoic and respectful, plus he brings the eyes of potentially new fight fans. 


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