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Former Arkansas Football Coach Bobby Petrino Has Officially Started His Comeback Tour

Last week, Bobby Petrino of losing to Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl fame, gave an interview to ESPN in which he discussed his downfall at Arkansas, his regret, and blah blah blah blah.  Whatever. 

While Petrino may actually have emotions other than the rage and disgust we all know, even feeling sorrow for the people he hurt, particularly his wife, this move reeks of NOT DAMAGED GOODS STILL WANT TO COACH (/winks in Tennessee's direction).  Doing his best to repair his image just before the season starts allows him to sink into the minds of athletic directors currently on the fence with their head coach.

So, say by week five of the season, when dumpster fires have begun to fully roar, Petrino's name finds itself at the top of many short lists.  And one of those short lists most likely exists right now at Tennessee, where Derek Dooley owns an 11-14 (4-12 SEC) record and hasn't had a winning season since 2008 at Louisiana Tech (4-8 in 2009 at Tech).

Given the unrest of Tennessee fans and Dooley's failures on the field, as well as assistants jumping ship and players returning to the Phil Fulmer ways off the field, Dooley will have little room for continuing to do what he has done.  Which is why Tennessee athletic director Dave Hart conducted a rigorous evaluation of yesterday's Petrino interview.  His findings:

(right click for seeing and whatnot)

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