Forget Super Bowl XLVI, Here is What You Should be Talking About Today

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I bet you thought I’d be writing about the Giants and the Patriots advancing to Super Bowl XLVI today. Those were certainly two great NFL Conference Championship games yesterday. You’ll be reading articles for two weeks about Lee Evans not holding onto the game winning TD, Billy Cundiff choking like he was waterboarded, and all kinds of reasons why the Baltimore Ravens should be in the Super Bowl instead of the Pats.

The San Francisco 49ers fans have plenty of reasons to say “what if” this morning too. Hey, maybe Kyle Williams and Billy Cundiff should do a book tour thing? It worked for Armando Galarraga and Jim Joyce. It worked for Bobby Thompson and Ralph Branca too. I know those were in the same game, but has there ever been two guys on suicide watch the morning after Conference Championship Sunday like today?

So it’s a Super Bowl rematch of the New York Giants and New England Patriots with New England looking to exact some revenge for having their perfect season spoiled. It’s Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady. As NFL Scout Jayson Braddock put it yesterday;

“Everyone is asking if Eli Manning is elite and if his name belongs up there with the greats like Montana, Elway…Brady. Well, what if Eli beats Tom Brady head to head in not one but two Super Bowls? Both Eli supporters and haters’ heads would probably explode as they watched the final seconds tick off, but what if Brady shreds Eli while playing with a much worse defense as his supporting cast. What then? An there is lots of talk about Bill Belichick being one of the greatest head coaches of all-time, but what if Tom Coughlin knocks off Belichick in two Super Bowls? What then?”

What I have on my mind the morning isn’t the just the Super Bowl, it’s Van Halen. You may have heard that the monsters of rock decided to head into the studio to cut their first album since 1998′s III. Working with producer John Shanks, the band recorded the album in 2011, then launched their full-scale comeback the first week in January 2012, performing a showcase concert at Cafe Wha? on January 5, with the single “Tattoo arriving five days later. The full-length album A Different Kind of Truth (review) will follow next month along with a tour. Here’s some of what you get if you purchase the deluxe version. This was provided to me right from the source and had literally just 12 views at the time I put it up.



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