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Football Player Kevin Grayson Announces He Is Gay

After NBA player Jason Collins announced that he was gay, a former college football star and National Football League hopeful has also decided to come out.

Former University of Richmond wide receiver Kevin Grayson revealed he was gay during an interview with WTVR. He kept his sexual orientation a secret because he didn’t want to deal with the attention.

“You don’t want to be the focus in that way,” Grayson said. “Not to say that it’s a negative, but when you have people just asking questions about your sexuality and how teammates are taking it, it takes away from the importance of the preseason. If you are an athlete, you want to be an athlete. You want to be known for what you’ve done on the basketball court, football field, tennis court, whatever. You don’t want to be that person who it’s always ‘the gay athlete.’”

Grayson, who was previously married to a woman, said people didn’t think he could be gay because he was so good at sports.

"People didn't believe it because I was an athlete" Grayson said. "They're like: 'Kevin plays football, he plays basketball, he runs track. No way.' You know? Those are the types of things where if I could go back and say: 'Why can't I be an athlete? Why can't I be a star player? Why can't I be the guy making plays that helps my team win and still, on the flip side, be a gay male?'"

In the locker room he heard things like "stop being a princess” and “stop being a faggot.”

Those moments got him thinking. “A couple of times I laughed at it. I thought it was funny to think about whether or not if I told this coach, what would they say?"

In 2012, Grayson played professional football in Italy. After helping his team, the Parma Panthers, win the Italian Football League, he was named MVP, The Huffington Post reported.

Sources: The Huffington Post, SB Nation


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