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NHL Playoffs: Flyers Beat Devils, First Team to Advance

In a striking upset, the 7th seed in the NHL Eastern Conference obliterated their 2nd seeded adversary. In five games, the Philadelphia Flyers managed to send the New Jersey Devils home for the remainder of the playoffs.

In series of first game upsets, the Flyers managed to defeat the New Jersey Devils on their own ice. After a scoreless first period, the Flyers had put two pucks in the net during the second, putting the Devils in a two point deficit. A third period goal by Travis Zajac proved to be in vain, as they could not secure another point.

The second game shifted in the Devils’ favor, however, as they managed to take a 5-3 victory over the Flyers. This would ultimately be their only victory in the series, as the Flyers went on to win the next three games – against the odds, both in their Wachovia center and the Devils’ Prudential center.

Though the Flyers had barely managed to enter the playoffs, this is their 14th visit to Stanley Cup contention in 15 seasons. Their late season victory over the New York Rangers sealed their position in the playoffs.

On April 22nd, in what few expected to be the last game of the series, the Philadelphia Flyers fought a hard battle against the Devils. A 3-0 victory sealed the Devils’ fate, and the Flyers were able to become the first team to advance into the next round of the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The game was not without consequence, however. Ian Laperriere took a devastating injury, when a puck impacted his face not even four minutes into the third period. A trail of blood followed Laperriere after he took a puck to the forehead, though this could have prevented the Devils from making a point. It has been reported that he took over 60 stitches to the forehead to staunch the flow of blood.

It has also been reported by Philadelphia Daily News that Laperriere has a broken bone in the face, and may need to see surgery. A concussion was also sustained in the block.

Who the Flyers will play in the next series has not yet been determined. The best online sportsbooks will release the odds upon the reseeding for the next round of games.


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