Flu and Malaria Take Down Manchester United and Chelsea


It seems the upcoming Premiership games will more unpredictable than most weeks as a virus has swept through the Manchester United training ground and Chelsea‘s Didier Drogba is out with a case of malaria. While the United virus is important, Drogba’s case of malaria is far more serious. Malaria, as many of you know, is spread by mosquitoes and effects the blood.

Essentially, the virus destroys red blood cells and can result in coma within 14 days of exposure. Its very nasty bug indeed, with symptoms including chills, severe headaches, fever, and other bad things. It is treatable, but the drugs themselves are supposedly not very nice either, and exercise makes it worse so depending on the severity of the case Drogba maybe out for some time.

As for the men in Manchester United jerseys, it seems a case of the flu has effected Scholes, Berbatov, Vidic, and Evra. With Giggs, Hargreaves, Rooney, Owen, and Nani all out with injuries it seems Sir Alex will be forced to dip deep into his reverses to find a striker. For the time being, the burden rest squarely on Bebe’s and Chicharito’s shoulders. The question is, can these two play the full 90 minutes.

Chicharito has momentum behind him to be sure. but he has yet to play a full game for United, spending most of his time in a soccer t-shirt on the bench, and questions remain about his fitness level.

The same question can be asked of Bebe. While Chicharito was at least playing at a top flight club in the Mexican league, and coming off the World Cup when he joined United, Bebe was playing in the Portuguese 2nd division. Nothing against the Portuguese 2nd Division, but I seriously doubt a player of his quality had to maintain much in the way of fitness to score goals. He is a clever player, and certainly has it all to play for, but I’m not sure if he will make it to the second half without needing a sub.

United have made a business in recent years of playing their way to the top with less than a full team thanks to their youth players and Obertan should be able to handle any gaps that may arise in the midfield. But upfront, United will be dipping very deep into thier pool indeed to find someone who is fit enough to replace Berbatov or Nani.

Written by: Matthew Wall, editor, soccerpro.com


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