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Floyd Mayweather Won’t Fight Manny Pacquiao Next; Guerrero, Alvarez or Cotto to Get the Nod?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. emerged from jail this past August sounding like a completely different person. He was quieter. Less boisterous. More willing to let others steal the spotlight from him. Content to just enjoy the little things. And it wasn't just an attitude shift, there was a behavioral change as well. He decided to settle his ridiculous legal problems with Manny Pacquiao. He (mostly) avoided letting 50 Cent draw him into needless, pointless battles.

And this slight alteration in demeanor led many (read: yours truly) to believe that he would see the light and do what was necessary to put together a bout against Pacquiao. The pieces seemed to be falling in place perfectly for a super fight, any which way you wanted to look at it. Then, when Pacquiao offered Mayweather a 55-45 purse split (thereby eliminating the lone remaining concern Floyd had about this match), it seemed like their bout was a done deal.

Of course, as we know now, it wasn't. Mayweather ignored Pacquiao’s olive branch. He hasn’t given any indication that he has warmed to the idea of that Dream Match at all. And, most recently, his camp has begun to make it clear that the undefeated champ’s next showdown won’t be against his arch rival. Rather, apparently it will be against Robert Guerrero, Canelo Alvarez or, maybe, Miguel Cotto.

As reported by ESPN:

Schaefer was still buzzing a bit from the solid Robert Guerrero showing Saturday night, as the Ghost took out Andre Berto in a Basilio-ish rumble. Schaefer said he has been talking with Team Mayweather about putting Guerrero in with Floyd, and the promoter said we could know next week who and when Floyd will fight.

Schaefer said "Floyd likes challenges" and will likely pick from among Guerrero, Canelo Alvarez and perhaps Cotto in a rematch for his next outing.

Would any of those fights be fine? Sure. All three, particularly Canelo, have what it takes to challenge Mayweather. But do any of them evoke as much enthusiasm as a showdown versus Pacquiao would have? Nope.

Mayweather’s decision is expected to come fairly soon. Stay tuned.

(Kudos ESPN)

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