Floyd Mayweather Won $600K Betting on NBA Games Not Featuring Jeremy Lin

Over the last week or so, Floyd Mayweather Jr. won around $600,000 in a series of bets on the NBA. Naturally, none of those bets featured New York Knicks superstar, Jeremy Lin.

According to the undefeated champion’s Twitter account, he won $20,833.35 on the Washington Wizards (halftime bet), $43,478.25 on the Miami Heat (halftime bet), $227,272.25 on the Oklahoma City Thunder (full game), $217,391.30 on the Thunder (halftime) and $90,909.10 on the Golden State Warriors (halftime).

Altogether, that means he won a grand total of $599,884.25.

And here is Mayweather’s proof (via Twitter):

So what can we take away from this? Two things. One, anyone who bets tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars on halftime bets is about as close to a degenerate gambler as you’ll ever come across. (And remember, just like a shopping addiction, gambling addictions are no joke. Just saying.) Two, anyone that bets those sums of money with that sort of frequency on a regular basis is almost guaranteed to be losing a lot more than he’s winning.

Shame Mayweather doesn’t post his losses so that folks could get a clearer, realer picture of what sports gambling looks like.

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