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Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto Preview: What to Watch For

This weekend’s bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Miguel Cotto promises to be intriguing on a number of levels. Technically, Mayweather is a pretty decent favorite coming for a reason; however, there are certain things that do bode well for Cotto...if you want to see them badly enough.

Chief among those things: even though we often get on Manny Pacquiao for his propensity to fight guys when there are better adversaries out there, Mayweather also subscribes to the same opponent-picking model. That’s not a slight against either guy, by the way, it’s just something top-tier fighters not named Sergio Martinez seem to do. They go out and square off against guys who they really have no business squaring off against.

So just by virtue of being the most legitimate foe that Mayweather has faced since 2007, Cotto has some sort of shot. How good that shot is, though, can be debated.   

As mentioned, oddsmakers currently have the moneyline set at Mayweather -700 and Cotto +450. For the sake of perspective, Pacquiao is -450 and Timothy Bradley is +325 for their looming June 9 showdown. Make of that difference what you will.

Bottom line: obviously Mayweather is expected to win this Saturday. But there is an opportunity for Cotto to come in and shock the world if he plays his cards right.

How can Cotto shock the world? Check out our analysis of that right here.

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