Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto Complete Fight Review


06:20: And what a night it was. On this side of the Atlantic, Ola Afolabi and Marco Huck served up a fight of the year contender as the pair shared a brutal draw. In Belfast, Paul McCloskey’s hopes of securing a light-welterweight world title tilt took a major hit with a stoppage at the hands of DeMarcus Corley and in tonight’s packed card in Las Vegas, Sugar Shane Mosley and Miguel Cotto took respect and admiration while Saul Alvarez and Floyd Mayweather took the plaudits.

I’ve been Cameron Sharpe thank you all for joining me. Look out for coverage of Amir Khan’s attempt to get his light-welterweight titles back in two weeks time and Carl Froch’s challenge for Lucian Bute’s IBF super middleweight crown a week later. But until then..good night.

Daily Telegraph’s Gareth A Davies on Twitter: Mayweather: “The fans want to see Mayweather v Pacquiao. Bob Arum is stopping the fight. I cant see who else it is going to be.”

Boxing Fancast’s Chudi on Twitter: “I saw Floyd throw a left hook then jab straight off it, crazy impressed. Round 6 was the highlight of my night”

06:00: With Floyd Mayweather emerging on top once again, the clamour for a meeting with Manny Pacquiao is sure to grow even further. Steve Bunce believes that the fight, if it is to happen, will have to be inked in for the autumn. Mayweather clearly feels he doesn’t need the eight-weight world champion on his CV but will he live to regret not taking the chance to go head-to-head with such a revered foe?

05:50: So, that was clear on the scorecards. Scores of 117-111 twice and 118-110- all in favour of Mayweather. Interestingly, Larry Merchant DOES interview Mayweather. The new champion sought out 85-year-old Merchant to apologise for their verbal dust-up in the autumn. Remind yourself of that exchange while I pick up some more reaction from Vegas…

Strictly84 on Twitter: “@FloydMayweather talks the talk and walks the walk. Gets the job done again. 43-0 #undefeated#MoneyTeam#MayweatherCotto

Floyd Mayweather is the new WBA light middleweight world chmapion with a unanimous points decision over Miguel Cotto. 

Boxing Fancast’s Chudi on Twitter: “Proud of Junito, Mayweather masterful as expected but he refused to wilt in the face of it.”

05:45: I’ve never seen such a cheerful Mayweather at the end of that one. Lots of hugs and smiles. Remains to be seen if he will allow Larry Merchant to interview him though…

Round 12: The crowd smell an upset. I’m not so sure if their enthusiasm matches the reality of the situation- Cotto needs a knockout that has never really looked like coming. The Puerto Rican is staggered for the first time as he goes for broke but Mayweather seems to want to take this to the scorecards. Flurries from both to finish off. Very enjoyable final session to end a great night. Mayweather takes that session comfortably. Huge respect between the pair at the bell… Boxing Fancast scorecard: 116-112 Mayweather.

Round 11: Mayweather not nearly as comfortable as he was in the early stages. Cotto begins to realise that only an unprecedented stoppage to grab the most sensational of wins. The legs remain willing but every time Cotto looks to grind out some good shots, Mayweather brings in the shoulder and covers up- moving his head to Alaska. For sheer effort though, Cotto might have stolen that. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 106-103 Mayweather

Ricky Hatton on Twitter: “Sent the wrong score before. I’d say 7-3 [Mayweather]“

Round 10: The pre-fight consensus was that Cotto wouldn’t have the nous to secure a points win over Mayweather and whilst I know my card favours Mayweather, there have been some very close sessions in this fight. Will the combination of Cotto industry and crowd excitement sway the judges into scoring this fight close? Another eye-catching combination just about gives Mayweather the round but Cotto is not tiring in the way you may have suggested before the off. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 97-93 Mayweather

Round 9: Mayweather has picked up on the warnings of the previous sessions and is once again very cute through the early exchanges. Cotto is landing with a regularity seldom seen in the last 10 Mayweather fights. That blood flow isn’t growing worse but it acts as a constant reminder of the problems that the American has faced tonight. Mayweather finishes the round well with a four shot flurry to maybe steal the points. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 87-84 Mayweather

Journalist Kevin Lole on Twitter: At my left @tdahlberg has it 57-57. I have it 58-56 Cotto.@danrafaelespn to my right has it 58-56 Floyd. Close fight.

Round 8: A lot of people have this fight very close as we move towards being two thirds of the way though. All the anger and intent coming from Cotto and Mayweather is suddenly in a fight. The crowd cheer every display of Cotto aggression with a roar not heard here since Ricky Hatton came to town. Is this fight really in the balance now? Mayweather’s bloody nose is telling a story… Boxing Fancast: 77-75 Mayweather

Mike Layzell on Twitter: “Given his 90 day sentence coming up,@FloydMayweather looked a lot like T Bag with Bieber beside him.#prisonmeat

Round 7: Second half of the fight on its way. I have to say, I’m used to seeing Mayweather land a little more than this but for all of Cotto’s desire to force the pace it is hard to recall a decent blow from the champion. A little scrappy at the end of the round as Cotto chases and chases but Mayweather skips around as if enjoying a training drill with his uncle-trainer Roger. Level session for me. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 68-65 Mayweather

Round 6: Maybe a little more success for Cotto in this round. Those pinks socks bright against a blue canvas- Cotto is being allowed to come forward at will and Mayweather is not really avoiding the in close exchanges. Fair play to both fighters- Mayweather looks so relaxed in there but this session is Cotto’s. A little blood on the face of the usually unmarked defensive master. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 58-55 Mayweather

Round 5: Mayweather is incredible at making fighters miss. Cotto is throwing so much at his slippery foe but maybe one shot out of 10 is actually finding the target. In all fairness, Mayweather is not throwing anywhere near as regularly so some of these rounds could go against the American. You have to applaud this defensive showing though. Not a scratch. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 49-45 Mayweather

The Daily Telegraph’s Gareth A Davies on Twitter: “Mayweather 30-27 after 3 rds against Cotto on my card. Cotto wants battle, but coming off 2nd best. Cotto lands 36 of 128 punches so far.”

Round 4: Mayweather begins to open up. The counter-punching of previous sessions is replaced by a more aggressive Floyd in this round. Whenever Cotto looks to do some damage, Mayweather’s shoulder comes into play and the Puerto Rican can’t lay a glove on him. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 39-36 Mayweather

Round 3: If you wanted to know why Floyd Mayweather is undefeated just watch this third round. Cotto is frustrated and pours forward in an attempt to land something significant. Perhaps one or two shots get through but the reality is that the telling shots are Mayweather’s. If Cotto keeps working hard here he will fancy his chances of making an impression if not on the scorecards. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 29-27 Mayweather

Dan Rafael on Twitter: “I thought Cotto edged the second round and I have it even. He’s trying to make this very physical. @SportsCenter@espn#RingKings

Round 2: What appears to be a Mayweather round of frustration and broken action comes alive when Cotto catches the undefeated American on the ropes. The previously placid crowd roars its approval but Mayweather comes back well to capture the session. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 19-18 Mayweather

Two weight world champion Paulie Malignaggi on Twitter: “I think @floydmayweather topped my tweeting during a fight having@justbieber in the ring. I gotta top that #TK LOL”

Round 1: Cotto sporting some tasty pink socks as he emerges from his corner. Mayweather immediately hard to hit and evasive. Referee Tony Weekes is quick to separate the pair in a fashion not unlike Joe Cortez during Mayweather’s meeting with Hatton in 2007. Tough to score- very few scoring punches. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 10-10

04:53: MB does his business in the ring and we are just about ready to go. Has Mayweather prepared properly? Is Cotto ready to shock the world and overcome the Mayweather reach advantage? What impact have the outside distractions had on the ‘Money’ camp. let’s find out..

04:50: and now comes redemption man. Miguel Cotto was broken, quite literally, by Antonio Margarito’s fists in 2009 but hand-wrap controversies aside the heart and desire he showed in stopping his nemisis last time out more than justifies his shot at Mayweather.

Nickg55555 on Twitter: “rock and roll !!!!”

Boxing Fancast’s Chudi on Twitter: “Bieber’s The Gawd”

04:45: By Vegas standards this is a very quick turnaround. Floyd Mayweather is already on his way to the ring. 50 Cent and ummm Justin Bieber accompanying the undefeated king on his walk.

04:40: So, the first fight is in the books. A wistful Sugar Shane pays tribute to his fiery opponent on HBO’s broadcast. Eight defeats now on that resume- for all the undoubted credit obtained by the five-time world champion is he ready to finally throw that towel in?

Two-time welterweight champion Andre Berto on Twitter: “Lol what is wrong with Larry Merchant smh he really doesn’t care what he says”

Raul Matrinez on Twitter: “Wbc giving second place medals now smh #boxing

04:30: The judges have the fight wider than my card- some of those sessions were very tight and hard to score. 119-110 twice and 118-110 is the final judgement. Incredible bravery from Mosley but the legacy of a punishing career was there to see for all. Alvarez has the name on his resume that he craves and Mosley has the recognition and admiration of many alonside his million dollar pay cheque.

Round 12: Final session on the table and it looks now like we will go to the scorecards. In 20 seconds you can see the story of Mosley’s fight. He works well and and looks solid, only to suffer a couple of sickening blows. Both men throwing the kitchen sink down the stretch but you always feel that Alvarez has an extra word in the bank with every exchange. Bell goes. I don’ t think there is too much doubt about the winner but had a slightly quicker Mosley turned up tonight… Boxing Fancast scorcard: 117-112 Alvarez

Round 11: Did anyone think we’d get here? Mosley needs something pretty sizeable now but you have to give him so much credit for being so positive but you can see why Alvarez is so highly regarded. Blood really pouring from the eye of the Mexican but at this stage you can’t really see it causing a a stoppage. Almost a carbon copy of the tenth- maybe a little less punishment being handed out by the champion but he only needs to survive the final three minutes to keep his belt. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 107-103 Alvarez

Round 10: This fight is really splitting people tonight. Former British super middleweight Paul Smith has only awarded a single round to Mosley but most agree it has been closer than that. That Alvarez cut is coming into play you know, but with the Mexican landing some real bus stoppers to the face of Mosley, you cannot looking anywhere else but give the champion another session. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 97-94 Alvarez

Golden Boy Promotions on Twitter: ”Jack Mosley in the crowd screaming “left hook to the body” and the crowd is shouting similar instructions to one or the other.#canelomosley

Round 9: For all the credible work being done by Mosley, you just feel the lack of speed and dampened reflexes are going to cost the challenger. Alvarez lands some more real painful blows and looks to be cruising another session but the 40-year-old throws caution to the wind in the final minute to possibly land a share of the round. Still needs more but just about keeping his head above the water. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 87-85 Alvarez

Round 8: All the criticism he’s received for taking this fight appears to be fuelling Mosley’s brave resistance here. A five or six punch flurry looks great but does not appear to have any effect on the Canello power. Still, the warning from the old American appears to set the undefeated champion back on his heels slightly and despite the Mexican landing a mandatory power combination, I fancy Mosley has just about stolen that. Back in it? Maybe… Boxing Fancast scorecard: 77-75 Alvarez

Boxing Weekly Editor Tris Dixon on Twitter: “Mosley didn’t pull the trigger against Mayweather. Looks like he can’t pull the trigger against Alvaraez.”

Round 7: So, we move into the second half of the fight. The biggest surprise for fans appears to be how fresh Mosley is appearing. It is all relative, however, as Alvarez still looks to hold all the power in the world. Mosley starts to try and chase the fight and is taking some real hits to try and land a few of his own. Maybe not the wisest move but the American has shown more imagination and willingness to take risks than he has since the Margarito fight in 2009. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 68-65 Alvarez

Round 6: Mention Sugar Shane Mosley to boxing fans and the phrase: “future hall of famer” is often the first line out of their mouths. For the first time in three years, save one round against Mayweather in 2010, the American is looking to be living up to his reputation. Of course, it helps that neiter Pacquiao or Mayweather are in the opposite corner. However, power from Alvarez is cleanly stealing this round. Jab working well too. Not cut drama yet either. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 58-56 Alvarez

Round 5: As the minutes move on, it is becoming clear that if Mosely can avoid his opponent’s flurries, this fight could be very close. The problem is Alvarez is just a little too quick and a little too fast. Mosley looks good for 70% of the round but Alvarez lands a few eye-catching blows. Tough to score but I’m plumping for Mosley this time. heating up. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 48-47 Alvarez

Mike Layzell on Twitter: “I want the voice of the bloke on 24/7″.

Round 4: On closer inspection, it appears that Mosley may have intended that head contact. No complaints from his Mexican foe  but if the fight is called off in the next 90 seconds, it will be ruled a no-contest. Mosley is really jabbing well but the work is not having the desired effect. Every significant exchange ends with an Alvarez flurry and while he is not yet dominating, the 21-year-old is opening up a gap. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 39-37 Alvarez

Round 3: That diminishing set of Mosley reflexes is slowly starting to come to the fore. Alvarez is not landing a great deal, but what he does connect with appears to cause a few problems for the seven times vanquished American. The fight is paused in the final minute so that the champion is allowed to receive attention for a cut obtained in an accidental head clash. Difficult to see how the cut will develop but either way Alvarez takes the lead for the first time tonight. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 29-28 Alvarez

@Strictly84 on Twitter:Alvarez going to step up?”

Round 2: Excited by his early successes, Mosley springs out of his corner for the second session. Difficult fight to score at present with Alvarez displaying a slight disregard for his older opponent and pays the price when the American lands a right. Two big shots from the Mexican seem to rock Mosley slightly and for my money we’re all square. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 19-19 

Round 1: Off we go. Slow start thus far from both men. Mosley throwing non-commital jabs and gently stalking his younger opponent across the canas. No shot from Alvarez in the first minute. Finally, as we approach the sharp end of the round, Canelo gets himself into the fight but save a solid right from the champion he offers little. Boxing Fancast scorecard: 10-9 Mosley. 

03:35: In the ring Alvarez has just made his entrance to shots of ring legends past and present. Michael Buffer- the best looking man in boxing- is making the introductions. Crowd a little tepid at the moment but we are ready for the off. Is this to be it for Sugar Shane?

Martin Potter on Twitter: “At Boxnation do – Del Chisora has just walked in! #boxing

03:30: In Vegas, Sugar Shane Mosley is making his way to the ring. The 40-year-old has not tasted victory in nearly three years and tonight, you have to suggest, he faces his final attempt at keeping in the big time. For his opponent, Saul Alvarez, the event appears to be little more about puffing his CV out with a major name. ‘Canelo’ may have fought 40 times in his young career but there is no doubt that a victory tonight would, on paper, be the biggest win of his career.

03:23: While we wait for Mosley-Alvarez to get going- we have about 15 minutes to play with, why not feast your eyes on the final installment of HBO’s 24/7 programme, focusing on Mayweather and Cotto ahead of tonight’s mega-money showdown?

03:20: Feel free to send over your thoughts, predictions and reaction as the night gets going. Why not join our new Facebook community for regular updates across a busy May schedule.

ESPN’s Dan Rafael on Twitter: “Crowd is booing as they show Mayweather’s arrival on the big screens. #RingKings#boxing

03:17: Elsewhere tonight we’ve already seen Ola Ofalabi fight to a brutal draw against Marco Huck in a battle for Huck’s cruiserweight strap and one time Amir Khan foe, Paul McCloskey, was sensationally stopped by DeMarcus Corley on the Prizefighter card in Belfast.

03:13: This was supposed to be the night that Mayweather, at 35, finally faced off against long-time pound-for-pound rival Manny Pacquiao. A three month prison sentence due to begin next month was supposed to have lit a fire under the undefeated American and finally compelled the pair to share a ring.

Yet, Cinco De Mayo is upon us and we appear no closer to the showdown that could break all box office records in a sport that has been stacked with high profile match ups. But enough about those two. Tonight is all about Miguel Cotto’s attempt to snap the most impressive record in pro boxing and what appears more than ever to be the beginning of Mayweather’s farewell tour.

My name is Cameron Sharpe and I will be guiding you through a night that also includes Sugar Shane Mosley’s attempt to prove that he is not the shop-worn fighter given the runaround by both Pacquiao and Mayweather over the last two years. The American faces 21-year-old Saul Alvarez for the Mexican’s WBC light-middleweight title.

03:01:  42 fights, 42 wins. Can anyone stop Floyd Mayweather Jr?

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