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Floyd Mayweather Vs. Manny Pacquiao: Tickets Still Not Available Three Weeks Before Fight

The highly anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao May 2 is projected to make more than $300 million and break all kinds of records. There is still one problem though: The fight is three weeks away, and tickets aren’t available yet.

A statement on the MGM Grand website — the host of the fight — cautioned any potential buyers about purchasing counterfeit tickets.

"Please be aware that tickets for the May 2, 2015, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight are not yet available for purchase,” the statement said. “Buyers should use extra caution when purchasing alleged tickets from unofficial sources, for fraudulent or counterfeit tickets will not be accepted.”

Anbritt Stengele, the founder of the Sports Traveler ticket agency has been in the business for 15 years, and can’t believe this ticket situation.

"This is turning into one of the most bizarre sporting events in history," Stengele told CNN.

"I can't name another event in my career that has been more hyped than this, and yet there are no official tickets for sale three weeks before the event," Stengele added.

Pacquiao’s promoter Bob Arum also expressed anger at the MGM Grand earlier this week.

"They have no contract. Nothing. We haven't even seen a draft. ... What is happening now is absolutely intolerable," Arum said. "For the MGM to think that everything is resolved and so forth, when nobody has even discussed terms, is the most insane thing ever."

With the magnitude of this fight, it will not make a difference, as the fight is expected to make $47 million just from ticket sales — the highest in boxing history.

Source: CNN

Photo Credit: AP


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