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Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao: Even Buffalo Wild Wings Charging Cover For Fight

The highly-anticipated fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is only two days away. So if you’re not one of the very few lucky ones to have a ticket to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas May 2, you'll have to find another way to watch the fight.

The bout will cost $99 on pay-per-view, which is the highest ever in pay-per-view history, so you might want to get together with some friends, split the price and enjoy the fight of the century.

The other option is to go to your local sports bar to watch the fight, but there’s a catch. Most bars will be charging cover, including Buffalo Wild Wings. They have not yet announced how much or which of their restaurants will charge.

BWW is not alone when it comes to charging for the fight. The fight is so expensive that bars have to change some things. CEO of BWW said that the reason for the cover charge was “due to the significantly increased cost of the fight.”

Restaurants and bars have to pay more than the regular customers to show the fights. They have to pay a licensing fee to promoters depending on their legal occupancy.

There are some bars that are charging only $20, while some others like the Promenade Bar and Grill in Manhattan are charging $100.

Source: CNN Money / Photo Credit: AP


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