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Floyd Mayweather vs. Juan Manuel Marquez II: Could it Happen?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. easily defeated Juan Manuel Marquez when the pair squared off in 2009. Despite the fact that he hadn’t fought in nearly two years, an even though his foe was entering the bout coming off two big knockout victories, Mayweather thoroughly punished Marquez for 12 rounds en route to taking home a unanimous decision win.

When it was all said and done, the undefeated champion landed more total punches (290-69), more jabs (185-21) and more power punches (105-48), and he did it all with noticeably more efficiency in each category. It was a systematic dismantling in every sense of the term.  

Understandably, due in large part to how definitive Mayweather’s win was, nobody really wanted to see a rematch of that 2009 showdown. Nobody even discussed the possibility, really.

Right up until three weeks ago.

In the aftermath of Marquez knocking out Manny Pacquiao in triumphant fashion on Dec. 8, folks began whispering about him possibly trying to avenge that infamous defeat to Mayweather. And while Marquez hasn’t even indicated that he wants a re-do of 2009’s fight, he did recently say that he believed things would have been different if he fought Mayweather in the sort of shape he finds himself in today.    

"Things would have been very different. I wasn't doing the right things [in training]. [Memo] has helped me a lot and I'm doing a lot of different things that I was never doing before. We worked very, very hard. I think so, yes, things would have been very different,” Marquez told Boxing Scene.

Angel "Memo" Hernandez is the admitted performance-enhancing drug (PED) peddler who helped Marquez get into the best shape of his life prior to the fourth Pacquiao fight. The additional strength coupled with Marquez’s inherent ability to counterpunch better than 99.9 percent of the boxers fighting today proved to be the difference on the eve of Dec. 8.

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Of course, seeing as Mayweather is still a better counterpuncher than Marquez is, it is unlikely that a rematch would lead to the latter fighter coming out of a rematch with a win. Besides, Marquez has one fight left in him – tops. Mayweather’s next bout will likely come against Robert Guerrero this May. It’s unlikely that he and Marquez will ever cross paths again.

Still, it’s an interesting question to ponder: would Marquez have any shot of beating Mayweather if the two fought again?

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