Floyd Mayweather Jr. recently signed a massive new deal with Showtime. As part of that agreement, the undefeated champion decided to do something he hasn’t done in a very long time: fight more than once per year. His bout for this May is set. To nobody’s surprise, after pretending as though Devon Alexander was a credible option, the 36-year-old signed on to square off against Robert Guerrero during Cinco de Mayo weekend.

The question now is: who will Mayweather fight after he fights Guerrero?

Although Guerrero, 29, is extremely talented, common wisdom says that he doesn’t have what it takes to really challenge the champ. He will likely put up a better fight than anyone has to date, and given the trouble Mayweather had in the early going against Miguel Cotto, anything is possible. However, sooner or later, he will likely fall just like everyone prior to him has fallen.

The next most logical foe for Mayweather will be the one that folks have been salivating over for a while now: Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

Despite everyone thinking that Canelo poses some very real problems for Mayweather, during a recent interview with Boxing Scene, the undefeated champ brushed those concerns aside. Instead, he simply praised the 22-year-old and said that, “If the Canelo fight versus presents itself or the Trout fight presents itself then we will make it happen.”

His words for Austin Trout, another rumored candidate, were a little more lukewarm.

"Canelo is a young strong champion.  Trout I had a chance to see him (versus Cotto).  I thought the fight was a little closer than they had it.  That should be a good match up.  Like I said before, I have to focus on the guy in front of me and that is Guerrero.”

For the most part, though, Mayweather seemed intent on hyping up his next opponent.

“Robert Guerrero is a champion.  For this guy to be mentioned with some of the top fighters in today’s time, he must have done something right or correct in his career.  This is a guy who I know I can’t overlook; I have to push myself to the limit.  I have to dedicate myself and I have to do what it takes to stay at the top,” he said.

"Guerrero is a very aggressive fighter.  I am starting to train.  As a matter of fact, this week I was out on the basketball court with some young kids working on my cardio.  I have to build my cardio up to fight Guerrero.  I will not overlook him.  I don’t overlook anyone.  I know that everyone who fights me is gunning for me, so I have to be ready for what they are ready to give me.”

Obviously it benefits everyone when Mayweather builds up Guerrero. It helps him and his reputation, should he beat the 29-year-old. It helps Guerrero, because it raises his profile. And it helps Showtime, clearly, because it makes the fight more intriguing.

Guerrero versus Mayweather will be interesting, but the real treat for boxing fans will be when Mayweather takes on Canelo this September or early next year. 


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