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Floyd Mayweather’s Reaction to C.J. Ross Scoring the Canelo Fight 114-114 (Video)

Floyd Mayweather beat Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez exactly the way most people figured he would. By utilizing his speed, smarts and experience, he made a challenger that everyone hyped up as The Next Big thing look no more impressive than Robert Guerrero did just a few months ago. That’s not because Alvarez is overrated or an unworthy challenger, of course. It’s because Mayweather is that great. And thankfully, because of how good Alvarez is, people will understand that.

Everyone walked away from Saturday night’s big show in awe of how legendary Mayweather’s skill set truly is. Well, scratch that – almost everybody. The lone rebel who wasn’t particularly impressed with what she saw was the judge that Opposing Views warned everyone about last week: C.J. Ross.

As soon as she was announced as one of the three people who’d oversee this match, we warned that she may screw things up should the fight go to a decision. It did, and she did. Fortunately, because the two people sitting beside her last night were competent, her major blunder didn’t influence the end result.

Still, for a few seconds at least, it provided some unintentional comedy as Mayweather tried to figure out what the hell just happened. Check it out:  

I don’t know if boxing Gods exist or not, but if they do, Ross will never work another sanctioned bout again.


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