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Floyd Mayweather’s New Excuse for Not Fighting Manny Pacquiao

Why hasn’t a super fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. been put together yet? Over the past three years we have heard every answer imaginable to that question.

There was Mayweather’s supposed suspicion that Pacquiao was on performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), which the Filipino star responded to by filing the most pointless lawsuit in boxing history. Then there was Mayweather demanding too much of the purse, which Pacquiao waffled on before eventually agreeing to take a 55-45 split. And now, all this time later, we have a new reason for why the greatest fight to never happen will probably in fact never actually happen: nobody wants to see it anymore.

Or something.

During a recent interview with Boxing Scene, Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer suggested that the reason why his guy and Pacquiao wouldn’t square off in the foreseeable future is because nobody wants to see them do it anymore.

"I don't think that's a fight that anybody would want to see now. There are a lot of other fights out there, which are very attractive for Floyd and frankly more attractive than a Pacquiao fight. And who knows that Pacquiao is going to do [in the future]," he suggested.

So there you go.

How accurate is Schaefer’s assessment? Eh. Look, are there better, more appealing fights out there to true blue boxing fans? Sure. But that was the case prior to Pacquiao’s knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez, too.

This fight has been discussed numerous times over the past year, and at no point during that time was it ever as appealing as it was when it initially got tossed around three years ago. The reason why it still gets talked about is because it’s unfinished business. No, it wouldn’t be the dream match we could have seen way back when – but it will still be mandatory viewing. And the notion that any other fight would outperform it from a business standpoint is totally ludicrous.

People still want to see Pacquiao and Mayweather fight, they just realize that they won’t be getting either man at his best anymore.

So, if not fighting Pacquiao, what is Mayweather going to do this year? He will fight Robert Guerrero in May, apparently.

It’s not etched in stone yet, though.

"We are working on the contracts. We had conference calls with our lawyers yesterday and today. All parties who are participating [on May 4] have agreed, and now the attorneys are working on the contracts...drafts are circulating,” Schaefer said.

“We hope that we are able to announce something by the end of this week or early next week. The contracts are being finalized and obviously I don't want to go and announce something without signed contracts. An announcement is imminent.”

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Is Mayweather vs. Guerrero a better fight than Mayweather vs. Pacquiao? From a purely stylistic standpoint – yes. But from an intrigue-based, money-centric standpoint? No way. The demand is still out there – but obviously Mayweather and his team want to pretend like they don’t see it.

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