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Floyd Mayweather’s Devon Alexander Bluff has Caught Everyone Off Guard

Floyd Mayweather’s announcement that he and Devon Alexander are on the verge of scheduling a unification title fight caught a lot of people off guard.

Fans, writers and boxing analysts had assumed that undefeated superstar would square off against either Robert Guerrero or Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez on Cinco de Mayo weekend. Timothy Bradley was seen as having an outside shot to be Mayweather’s dance partner. Alexander wasn’t on anyone’s radar.

Apparently the announcement was so surprising that it even caught the 26-year-old’s promoters off guard. In an interview with the good folks at Boxing Scene, Golden Boy Promotions boss Richard Schaefer said that he was unaware of any discussions to make a Mayweather-Alexander bout – much less ones that were near completion.

"I have absolutely no awareness of any negotiations taking place with a fighter who is under a promotional contact with us. And Al Haymon, who is the advisor for Devon Alexander and Floyd Mayweather as well, has not confided to me either that there would be any negotiations going on unbeknownst to me," Schaefer said.

For what it’s worth, Alexander’s camp seems very interested in the idea of a Mayweather fight – even if it does go against the IBF’s wishes.

"Floyd says he's a man of his word and he calls his own shots. If that's the case, Mayweather-Alexander gets made," Cunningham told Boxing Scene.

One of two things is going on here. Either Mayweather is leveraging the threat of fighting Alexander in an effort to get more favorable terms out of Guerrero, or he has a better fight in mind for late 2013 and is looking for an easy opponent. Regardless of which it is, though, clearly Alexander views this as an opportunity to make his bones against a legend and secure himself the biggest pay day of his career.

Guerrero has been eerily silent over the past week. That is usually a sign of behind-the-scenes talks being ongoing.

As of now, the smart money is on a Mayweather-Guerrero bout taking place this Cinco de Mayo weekend. Then again, given the characters involved, you never know.

(Boxing Scene)

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