Floyd Mayweather’s Approved Opponents Include Robert Guerrero and Canelo Alvarez, Not Austin Trout


Floyd Mayweather’s new deal with Showtime rocked the sports world to its very core. It cemented the undefeated champ’s status as boxing’s king. It ensured that he would fight multiple times per year for the foreseeable future. Most importantly, though, it reminded general sports fans how lucrative the Sweet Science’s big matches could be, despite how little mainstream media coverage they typically get.

As the world’s top pound-for-pounder, Mayweather was already a widely respected figure amongst his peers. However, when a rich new deal officially made him the talk of the town last week, folks’ appreciation for the 36-year-old seemed to increase tenfold. Knowing the sort of money that was suddenly attainable if they got a shot at the champ, you could literally see other fighters begin to maneuver in a way that would make them viable future opponents.

For all of the media coverage that this new Showtime agreement has gotten over the past few days, one relatively unnoticed detail has been Mayweather’s list of approved opponents. As noted by ProBoxing-Fans, the grouping of foes that was put out there for public consumption leaves a lot to be desired. It includes: Robert Guerrero, Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, Danny Garcia, Devon Alexander, Marcos Maidana and Alfredo Angulo.

A few obvious things jump out about those options. First and foremost, clearly the last two are just placeholders. There is no way either Maidana, with losses against Amir Khan and Devon Alexander on his record, will get a shot at Mayweather. Same goes for Angulo, who got destroyed by James Kirkland just two fights ago.

Beyond that, it’s a bit stunning that Austin Trout isn’t on the list. Is Mayweather assuming that he will get beaten by Canelo? Is that why he’s not mentioned? Even if the undefeated champ believes that, why not just cite the name anyway? It’s bizarre. Also, why not include Manny Pacquiao on the list? Even if there were/are no plans to fight him – are Maidana and Angulo really going to raise intrigue levels as much as the guy who nearly everyone associates Mayweather with? For someone who is as PR savvy as Mayweather, that’s a pretty surprising blunder.

Obviously this is just a tentative list that can change at any point, but given the amount of scrutiny that Mayweather’s new deal has been under, it’s mildly surprising that more care wasn’t put into making it. 



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