Floyd Mayweather, Robert Guerrero Engage in World’s Worst Trash Talking

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Robert Guerrero will probably put on a great show this weekend. This was the right fight to make at this stage in both men’s careers, and it figures to be as entertaining as any Mayweather bout can be.

That being said, in this day and age, letting matches simply live or die based on how interested fans naturally are in the participants is not an option. Every single one needs to have a built-in storyline, a fake feud that everybody knows is fake, and tons of awful, cringeworthy trash talk.

Over the last few days, both Mayweather and Guerrero have been doing their parts to bring the horrible war of words.

“That’s the first thing he asked for was a rematch clause. It just shows me where his head is at,” Guerrero told Boxing Scene. “Put it this way, it’s like he said – ‘I don’t know who Robert Guerrero is....but I want a rematch.’ He knows what he’s getting himself into. The first thing you ask for is a rematch? But it's well deserved. He's undefeated. 43-0, 43 tried. I've heard it over and over like a million times. I'm going to ask him at the press conference [after the fight] to refresh my memory.”

Never mind the fact that all heavy favorites always insist on a rematch clause when facing a lesser foe; clearly Mayweather requesting assurance that he would get an opportunity to avenge a possible loss is a sign of wavering confidence. Okay.

Not that Mayweather’s yapping has been much better.

"I look at certain things like Casamayor going the distance with him at the age of 40 (actually 39 at the time of the fight)," Mayweather said to MLive.com. "You've got to look at certain things like that and then you've got to say, 'Well, is this guy on the same level of a Floyd Mayweather?'

"So you ask yourself those certain questions. Or, like, him having a dogfight with Katsidis, and then you've got guys like Marquez (whom Mayweather beat handily in 2009) that knocked Katsidis out. So you know, I just look at that and that's how I weigh certain situations."

Guerrero’s inability to stop anyone over the past three years is a totally valid point. Good on Mayweather for bringing it up. Unfortunately, what the undefeated superstar failed to mention, though, is that the only guy he has stopped in the last five years is Victor Ortiz. And seeing as that knockout came via sucker punch, that’s not exactly something you want to remind folks of.

Bottom line: This is going to be a good fight. All real boxing fans will be glued to their TV sets. All mainstream fans, given the lack of UFC action/anything else worth watching on Saturday night, will likely tune in as well. The bout will sell itself. For once, please, let’s stop with these idiotic, corny verbal back-and-forths.

Sources: Boxing Scene, MLive


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