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Floyd Mayweather Pays $1,000 Per Meal To Get In Best Fighting Shape

On March 16, boxer Floyd Mayweather posted a video that showed him chopping wood in preparation for his fight with Manny Pacquiao, and on March 17, a video was posted, courtesy of TMZ Sports, in which Mayweather says he is paying his chef $1,000 per plate.

Mayweather is taking this fight seriously and says he wants to be in the best shape of his life. That’s why he hired Chef Q, who is based in Las Vegas, but will now be working solely with Mayweather until the day of the long-awaited fight May 2.

"My daily schedule for Floyd is 'There is no schedule' ... I am here for him anytime... 24 hours, 7 days a week. If he needs me at 3a.m., I am there cooking up breakfast."

Let’s do a little math here. The fight is in 46 days and you can consider Mayweather eating four meals a day. This adds up to $184,000 in food. Luckily Mayweather has earned enough money in his career and is expecting a big paycheck from this fight. He also mentions in the video that he is getting a discount. How much do you spend on food for a month and a half? Close to $200K?

For such a high price, you might be curious about the fancy foods he's eating.

"His favorite dish is spaghetti or tacos," Chef Q said. “But for the Pacquiao fight, he'll be focusing on high levels of protein with no carbs — turkey, chicken, beef and fish ... No Pork!

"Also, we are really big on juicing right now. So if Floyd wants something to drink, it's juiced through organic fruits."

The interesting thing was when Chef Q said that she doesn’t usually charge that much, but that Mayweather “felt my dishes were worth that much.”

Source: Opposing Views, TMZ Sports


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