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Floyd Mayweather Not Particularly Concerned with Robert Guerrero

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been about as complimentary of Robert Guerrero as he has been of any of his recent foes. However, that isn’t saying a whole lot. He has given his May opponent just enough credit to make him seem like a more legitimate option than Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Devon Alexander, two guys he passed on in favor of this match-up, but not enough to indicate that he is concerned.

A few weeks ago, Mayweather was asked if Guerrero has what it takes to defeat him. You will recall, the undefeated champ wasn’t exactly conciliatory in his analysis.

“There's not a blueprint on how to beat me. I mean, 43 had a game plan, 43 came up short. This is nothing but 44. This is a guy that's stepping up to the plate, so we gotta see what he can do. He's talking about I'm trying to intimidate him. I mean, listen, the proof is in the pudding. I don't gotta intimidate you. Numbers don't lie,” he said.

Guerrero, for his part, believes that he does have what it takes to drop the world’s best pound-for-pounder.

"I’ve just wrapped up my few days of training. I’m in tremendous shape and I’m feeling stronger than ever. This will be my third fight at welterweight so my body has filled in perfectly with the weight hike. A big reason for this is my manager Bob Santos, who has been doing my diet since I was a 16 year old amateur," Guerrero wrote in his Yahoo Sports Blog.

"Bob works extremely hard to make sure I’m eating all the right foods and he really gets it — he knows what my body needs to be at peak performance, so you can expect to see a well-oiled machine on fight night."

While there is little doubt that Guerrero will come into the biggest fight of his life in great shape, Mayweather isn’t the only one skeptical of the 29-year-old’s chances. The odds makers have Mayweather’s record staying perfect, too.


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